My go-to place when I want to treat myself!!! Sophie outdoes herself with every new recipe she creates.... Her signature Heathbar chocolate chip cookies are oohy, gooey and the perfect amount of chewy with a little bit of crisp exterior. Definitely check out her booth at the Tujunga Village Market on the weekends. You won't regret it! -Jessica M.

Jessica M

Sophie has yet to bake something that I do not like. In fact, I tend to like them too much and have to cut myself off. It’s very hard for anything to last the car ride home from her booth. The range of what she can bake is amazing. And she’s always experimenting and trying new goodies out. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s super nice. Go get yourself some Cookie Bottoms! -Trevor E.


Went to aroma cafe and she was right outside I got a free sample of the heath chocolate  chip cookie and omg it was amazing. Definitely go and support it was sooo delicious and she was so nice! Also tried the raspberry oatmeal and definitely reccomend!! Nicole W..

Nicole from Yelp