About Us

Our patisserie produces unique sweets for lovers of yummy

At Cookie Bottoms my goal is simple: to bake the best Cookies ever made. By using premium ingredients in every freshly baked treat, and offering excellent customer service, I guarantee products that are not only delicious but also a delight to enjoy. 

My Story so far.... 

My story starts with a sweet tooth craving for the perfect Homemade Chocolate Chip cookie.They were made uniquely in mini muffin form.When I brought them to a friends birthday party a friend came to me and said “these are soooo good and they’re like the bottom of a muffin, crunchy on top and ooey gooey in the middle. Instead of a muffin top, it’s a cookie bottom!”  And the name was born. Over the years The Chocolate chip cookie  evolved  into a decadent 2oz Heath Bar Triple Chocolate Chip Cookie that is truly mouth watering and although its not in a cookie bottom form fear not, I adopted the cookie bottom form for my Blackberry oatmeal cookies and my mini cheesecakes. They’re perfect bite sized perfection to make the taste buds squeal in delight.
During the pandemic I set out to play in the world of culinary desserts but my heart and main focus will always start with the perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie and my sole mission is puttin big smiles on your faces and to make your day just a little bit sweeter!
  • Passion for Baking
  • Gratitude for Community support local small business
  • Integrity in Small Business

Made with love
unique sweets for decadence